The IMPROV STUDIES PROGRAM at Performance WorX is developing regional renown as a teaching center for progressive, innovative performing artists. Considered the most innovative private studio program of its kind, it offers students an artist-as-mentor approach to learning. The area’s leading contemporary and jazz musicians, like Andrew Glose, Jaime Jimeńez, Ross Andrus, and more, work with students one-on-one to hone their craft and create groundbreaking music.

Performance WorX  is a rare place where students can pursue what makes you a unique contemporary musician. We encourage students to explore their own talents and reach across disciplines to construct new rhythms, inventive compositions, and original means of expression. We also encourage our students toward collaboration in ensembles and groups for performance.

Outside the Studio, the historic Coastal South becomes a performance hall. Play in clubs, concert halls, and venues throughout the region spanning from Pensacola to Galveston, Biloxi to Nashville and in festivals, auditions,  and contests across the region. Start your professional performance career now through our Events Program. You can work with producers, editors, and recording artists of the highest caliber through Performance WorX’ extensive network of professionals in the industry. Students will be immersed not only in the newest music but also in the nuances of how the music industry runs.

Our curriculum allows Students to infuse their music education with elements of design, literature, history, journalism and more. You can take courses offered at Music WorX, Acting WorX, Dance WorX, and Production WorX.  In addition, our mentoring style of instruction allows for a number of project-based interdisciplinary classes, such as concert productions, worship leadership and production, and recording.  The results of this Conservatory-wide interconnectivity can be seen in the success of our alumni in a range of genres and categories of creative work, both in and outside of music.