Performance WorX (PWX) started as a broad ranging home-based performing arts studio and has become a full-service performing arts conservatory serving the Hattiesburg, MS and surrounding Pine Belt area. Having operated since 1995 as a one-man piano/voice studio in the home of its founder, Doug Broome, Performance WorX now boasts a wide-ranging, experienced, professional faculty, most of whom have completed degrees in their teaching field. The studio has expanded within the home-studio model to encompass several teaching spaces, accommodating over 100 private lessons per day and small group classes. A wide range of private music, acting, dance, and production lessons & classes are taught at Performance WorX and auxiliary stage facilities. Our main location at 105 Richwood Drive in West Hattiesburg houses our private lessons, small group studies, and conservatory offices.

Listen to Us Bringing the Arts to Life!: SPRING RECITAL 2018


"Where the Arts Come to Life!"

At Performance WorX, we make the arts come to life! Our highly trained, experienced instructors teach lessons and classes ranging from voice to pageantry, from percussion to production. We believe in the arts and want to help each student pursue his or her passion. Check out our extensive list of music, acting, dance, and production lessons & classes to find the one (or two or three) that makes a perfect fit for you or your child.


Our Music WorX program is open to ages 5 through 95, with private lessons and group classes limited to no more than 15 per class (so sign up while there are still openings!). Our program is designed as an academic program for general music training.  Each Program of Study within Music WorX is planned and coordinated by the faculty so that there is harmony among the various disciplines and across the curriculum from one  instrument to another.   All teachers within each discipline use the same method and very similar pace so that there is no real difference in learning/performance outcomes regardless of whose Studio you study and work in!  Find out more at the Classes & Registration tab up above.



REAL, LIVE, ACTING TRAINING!   From Shakespeare -- to Film/TV -- or Musical Theatre, in our Acting WorX Division, students will learn: Proper Use of the Voice in Acting; Basic Stagecraft; Stage Presence; Character Development; Monologues; Improv; Comedy; Music on the Stage; Overview of the Entertainment Industry; Audition/Interview Tips & Practice; and Musical Theatre. Through our Broadway Babies & Kids and It's Broadway Time! programs, students will begin, and become increasingly involved in, formal basic acting training for the Stage and the Film/TV Industry, for the different genres of musical theatre, and the skills needed for each, along with preparation for involvement in stage, film, and commercial acting.  Students' knowledge with music, dance, and acting, in combined effort, will be enhanced and expanded.  Through our Natural Talents 1 & 2 programs, Performance WorX community theatre involvement, and encouraged participation in professional theatrical organizations, students are led progressively through deeper and deeper levels of theatrical knowledge and skill, leading to the ability to develop agency relationships for placement and the possibility of a career in acting. Find out more at the Classes & Registration tab up above.



Production Classes|Studio Recording Services|Stage Sound/Lighting Production | Event Management

Performance WorX proudly announces our association with Kage Laney and his company Kage Laney Productions!  Mr. Laney will be teaching our Production WorX classes and Mentoring Program and supervising all of the Performance WorX Recital and Showcase events.  Production WorX focuses on the backstage, creative, and many times “unseen” elements of the entertainment industry. Students in the Production WorX division learn Visual Artistry, Photography/Videography, Graphic Design, Stagecraft (theory, design, construction, implementation), Stage Sound (production, direction, & operations), Stage Lighting (production, direction, & operations), and Stage Direction through lessons & classes as well as mentorships understudying our active Production WorX division personnel.  We also offer Studio Recording Services, Stage Sound & Lighting Production Services, and Event Production Management on site.  Call us to set up an appointment to discuss any of our Production Services at 601.336.5313.  Find out more at the Classes & Registration tab up above.

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Over the years, we at Performance WorX have had the pleasure of training, nurturing, coaching, and encouraging countless brilliant students and bringing out their inherent talents for the Pine Belt community and the entire world to experience and enjoy. Some of our students study as a hobby for enjoyment. Some make a career of performance and teaching. A few become world-class artists. Our commitment to meeting every need, on whatever level, is evident through our high-caliber mentors, comprehensive performing arts lessons and classes, and our passion “to bring the arts to life!”

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